lørdag 23. juli 2011

Is that thunder I hear?

I'm not sure how much I'm able to write, but I know I need to do it in English. I'm sorry that the grammar is incorrect, but that's not what's most important for me today. What happened yesterday needs to be heard in the world, not only in our country.

In Norway 17 people was killed just a few hours ago. First many lives were taken in an explotion in Oslo, and soon after we found out that it wasn't over yet. Someone were shooting at politically engaged youngsters who were gathered on an island outside of Oslo, Utøya. Before we went to bed, these were the numbers we needed to learn to accept. 17.
17 would have been a huge tragedy in Norway. But this morning I had to check my computer as soon as I woke up - way to early. The deathnumbers were completly different. 80.
At least 80 people lost their lives last night. For me that's totally unreal. Unexeptable. Even worse, the most of these people were young. Their lives were just starting.

Each one of the people who got killed has their own family. Friends and/or relatives, who now has gotten their hearts broken. Their lives destroyed. Many has lost their child. There's also a load of people who were involved, and must have gotten their lives changed forever after what they've gone through last night. My thoughts goes to all these people.

Norway is a small country, and because of that everyone gets affected if something like this happens. Everyone will know someone, or someone who knows someone, who have lost their lives or lost a friend yesterday. Every heart will be touched.

It feels like my life has pressed pause. Yesterday I watched the news for ten hours, before I realized I had to get some sleep to get through the day today. The sleep was necessary, but I woke up several times because of nightmares, and this morning I was in a middle of a terrible dream as I woke up. I heard thunder. Or was it something else? No, it had to be thunder. But yesterday I heard something else, that I thought was thunder. It ended up beeing the start on something horrible. Something I won't ever forget. Something dreadful.

Outside I can hear cars running by. People are on their way to work, off to vacations, to continue their lives. What choice do we have?

Please don't use this as an excuse to hate eachother. Rather use this as an example that we need to learn to live each day as if it's our last, and to appreciate all the small things in life. Tell everyone you know what they mean to you, an how much you love them. Let's handle this together like a gathered nation instead of spreading hate and fear. We've got eachother, and right now that's all we've got.

My tears are running as I now turn on the news again. The TV will be tuned on all day, but soon my two little angels will wake up, and I need to start living my life again. So it's time to press the play button again. But first I need to watch the Prime Minister giving his speech and then the police holding their press conference.

Maybe I'll rather press play tomorrow.

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  1. Veldig bra skrevet, Hanne! Dette er noe som kommer til å prege oss i lang tid fremover. Vi må holde sammen, ikke gå mot hverandre. Jeg ser på blogger og facebook at mennesker begynner å krangle pga vikingbilder, flagg osv. Spiller det noen rolle? Alle i landet prøver å forstå denne ugjerningen, alle prøver å stå sammen. Det siste vi trenger er at vi går mot hverandre pga tro eller meninger. I disse tider er vi alle Nordmenn!

  2. veldig vakkert skrevet!


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